Increasing The Appeal Of Your Golf Course's Tee-Off Areas With Custom Wood Additions

If you own your own golf course, you most likely want to retain existing and encourage new players to use your course by providing them with enjoyable grounds to use for their pleasure. Increasing the attractiveness and comfort of your tee-off areas is one way you can succeed in this endeavor. Here are some wooden amenities you can add to each hole in an attempt to keep players coming back to your course time and time again.

Add Custom Wooden Signs To Give Information To Players

Have a custom woodworking service make signs to place at each tee-off location indicating what hole number players are about to play upon. These signs can be placed on a nearby tree or sticking up from a post placed in the ground. Consider having the number etched directly into a strong wood piece and have it painted black so it can be seen from a distance away. These signs will give the course a rustic appearance as they will blend in nicely with the landscaping. Additional wooden signs can be constructed for other areas of the course if desired. These could include directional signs, rules of play, or par information for each hole.

Install A Podium At Each Hole For An Easy Calculating Area

It is a good idea to install a wood podium at each tee-off area for players to use while waiting for their turn to hit their ball. This can include a shelf underneath where score sheets and extra pencils are kept for score keeping purposes. The player keeping track of the numbers can tally up the previous hole's scores at this podium and alert their competitors who is in the lead before each hole is played. This will encourage each player to strive a bit more toward their goal as a result. 

Add A Bench For An Area Of Relaxation When Waiting For A Turn To Play

If the golf course becomes busy, there is a chance a group may catch up to a group playing the hole in front of them. Providing a wooden bench at each tee-off area will give players waiting their turn a spot to relax instead of having to stand to the side. Place the bench a bit back from the tee-off mat so players waiting do not become a distraction to those taking their turn. To beautify the bench, consider having each one etched or carved with pictures of wild animals, quotations from famous golfers, or simply your golf course's name, right into the back portion of the bench. This will be an attractive way to get a message across to those who decide to take a seat.

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