Consider A Probiotic Cattle Feed

There is nothing quite like biting into a good steak. The cattle industry does a very good job in producing healthy steers to be butchered into meat. There are however medical advancements that are continually revolutionizing the industry. Once such advancement is the introduction of probiotic cattle feed like that provided by Ruma-Lic Liquid Feed. Whether you feed your cattle corn, sorghum, hay, or grass, probiotics can significantly help your cattle. When raising cattle it is very important to get an edge in any way that is possible. Here are a few different benefits that you may notice in your cattle when you start feeding them probiotics


There are good bacteria that help cattle digest food and protect against virus and bacteria, and then there is the bad bacteria that can cause a lot of problems within your cattle. One of the most important reasons that you should seriously consider feeding your cattle a good probiotic is to increase the amount of good bacteria in your cattle. If the good bacteria numbers are increased then they are likely to push the bad bacteria out. Much like how a lawn full of grass can actually choke out the weeds. It is important for your cattle to fend off the bad bacteria, and probiotics is a great way to aid in this. 


One of the problems that many cattleman run into is that the cattle are not utilizing the nutrients that are being given them. A rancher may feed a mix of corn, oats, grass, and many other feeds, but if the cow is not able to utilize the nutrients, all that good feed could be going to waste. Probiotics help the cow's stomach and the enzymes within the stomach better utilize the nutrients that are entering the body. With better nutrient utilization your feed will be utilized in fattening up the steers. You spend to much money on feed just to have it go to waste. 


One of the main benefits that can be accomplished by feeding your cattle probiotics is an increase in growth. When a cow's body is continually fighting off bad bacteria it is not able to focus on building the right type of tissue. However, if bad bacteria numbers are down, and there is alteration in the flora in the digestive system, the cow's body can focus directly on building muscle tissue. Without the diseases that come from bad bacteria the cattle can use energy to build and grow.