Highlander Essentials For Time Spent Outdoors

Your miniature Highlanders should be supplied with plenty of room to roam and rest. They should also be equipped with care essentials that will promote good health and a sense of well-being.

Multiple Paddocks

Miniature Highlanders use their horns and hooves to scavenge for food. This livestock variety is noted for eating many plants and grasses. Providing your livestock with multiple paddocks will ensure that one enclosed piece of land will not be overworked, which could result in the depletion of vegetation. Rotating your livestock provides animals with adequate opportunities to search for natural vegetation, plus will switch up the scenery that your livestock is supplied with.

First, decide where your Highlanders will be spending time each day. A large tract of land can be broken into several paddocks, each with its own enclosure surrounding it. You can also choose distinct outdoor areas that are not located next to each other. Keep in mind that you will need to install fence materials and gate materials to give your Highlanders a safe area to roam and enter and exit each enclosure.

Choose land that contains a mix of vegetation varieties. The land should be equipped with some shade trees, which the Highlanders can rest under on hot and sunny days. Invest in seeds that will allow you to continue growing plant varieties that your Highlanders enjoy eating. A Highlander care and nutrition book will outline which types of plants Highlanders like. The plants, combined with a pellet food product, will provide your livestock with essential nutrients.

Fresh Water And Grooming

Highlanders enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. They should be equipped with fresh, cool water on a regular basis. Either purchase a large reservoir to hold water or buy a water dispenser that contains a cooling unit. Set up a reservoir in a shaded area. Use a hose to replenish water as needed. If you invest in a water dispenser, it will contain a cooling mechanism that will keep the temperature of the water at a regulated temperature.

Although Highlanders won't require much grooming, they will likely enjoy being brushed. Brushing your HIghlanders will get your animals accustomed to your presence. Brushing the animals can also help you detect lice, ticks, or other parasites that are present on any of the animals. If you ever detect parasites, purchase a topical product that is designed to treat Highlanders. Topical products can be rubbed into a Highlander's fur.

For more information about caring for miniature Highlanders, contact a local vet.